EGO Pakistan


These are exciting times for Pakistan’s promising energy & power sectors, anticipated to grow by nearly 8 – 10 % in the next 5 years and beyond, bolstered by unprecedented investments in energy, power and infrastructure technologies.

Government reports estimate that nearly $10 billion worth of projects are currently underway or in the pipeline, with major focus on oil & gas exploration, power generation and distribution networks. This exponential development provides extraordinary opportunities for those working in the energy, power and technology sectors.

Alongside the rapid growth and huge investments going into these mega-projects, there are undeniably challenges that need to be addressed. Many believe there needs to be a focused review of present challenges, in terms of the energy mix, efficiency, losses & theft and aging of the distribution network, with even greater emphasis on future strategic planning, execution, management and monitoring.

The Conference will feature; government regulators, industry stakeholders, distinguished speakers, energy experts, planners and visionaries. They will participate in thread bear analyses of critical issues that still remain as stumbling blocks in the progress of this critical sector.

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