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The Solar Expo Pakistan offers visitors and exhibitors from around the world to join together to see the latest innovations in solar and PV technology. With over 2500 industry professionals attending the event, it offers a unique opportunity to network, evaluate and discover solutions from around the globe. The exhibition’s main purpose is to highlight the significance of the most realistic and trouble free non-conventional renewable resource i.e. Solar Energy. Various studies have pointed out that building a dependence on solar energy can be effective in solving the current energy shortfall in the country. Quite a number of developed countries have begun utilizing renewable energy to meet their energy demands as a result costs associated with installation of dramatically been reduced. Pakistan is also working along these lines and adding alternative energy into its energy mix to reduce its high fossil fuel import cost. Solar Pakistan is has emerged as one the biggest energy events in Pakistan. Its popularity stems from the fact that its serves a platform where key decision makes and stake holders can discuss a way forward to power Pakistan into energy self sufficiency.

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